Who Cares?
Group campaign for the live 'Caring for Carers' brief issued by the Department for Work and Pensions. 'Who Cares?' was later adopted by the DWP for their 'Care Choices' project.

'Who Cares?' is a collaborative project educating those surrounding carers on the best ways to help them with their daily lives and duties.
In partnership with Leekyu Jeon, we reached out to and interviewed caregivers to gain invaluable insights into their often overlooked needs and desires. The deep understanding this afforded us guided us in crafting an impactful campaign that effectively encourages those around caregivers to provide the assistance that they truly need.
Drawing inspiration from the inclusive design principles of IKEA, the 'Who Cares?' campaign introduces a collection of interactive animated prints. When viewed through the AR app 'Artivive', these artworks are brought to life through recorded interviews with carers, shedding light on the daily challenges they encounter and suggesting practical ways to offer support. ​​​​​​​
Additionally, we developed a comprehensive leaflet that provides valuable information about the most frequently expressed needs expressed by the caregivers we consulted.
Leaflet available here.
Art direction, copywriting, animation, logo design, editorial design.

Creative Concept: Oliver Redick
Design & Art Direction: Oliver Redick
Illustration: Leekyu Jeon