The Milk of Human Kindness.
Journalistic enquiry approaching the production and consumption of dairy and alternative milks.

This project provides an unbiased and fact-based evaluation of the nutritional value of milk while taking into account the various controversies surrounding the dairy industry. By critically examining scientific research and considering different perspectives, this project sought to offer an objective assessment of milk's nutritional benefits and drawbacks, as well as of the greater issues of environmental and animal welfare concerns.

So, how can we educate a broad audience on the facts surrounding the dairy industry? This was key to the overarching enquiry of this project, and led to much research being carried out on techniques I could employ to ensure a broad scope of audience. 
Drawing inspiration from the works of psychologists Säljö and Laird, I integrated the principles of sensory theory and hierarchical learning to construct a sensory hierarchy. This framework serves as a powerful tool for educating diverse audiences encompassing varying levels of interest, age groups, intelligence, and social backgrounds. By utilizing this hierarchy, I created an educational experience which catered to the unique sensory preferences and cognitive capacities of individuals, ensuring effective communication and engagement across a wide range of learners.
The research and process PDF can be viewed here.
Applying my understanding of these learning theories, I conceived an installation that delves into individually targeting each of the audience's senses, with the aim of imparting factual knowledge about milk. By meticulously designing an immersive experience, I sought to engage each sense in isolation, allowing for a comprehensive exploration of the subject matter. This installation served as a powerful educational tool, facilitating a deep understanding of the facts surrounding milk through a multi-sensory approach.
The final installation in the open studios at CSM Graphics:
Journalism, illustration, copywriting, editorial design, installation design, experience design.
Creative Concept: Oliver Redick
Design & Art Direction: Oliver Redick
Narrator: Darren Redick