Taking Ownership.
A fictitious DVLA-associated project aiming to educate young adults about basic mechanical knowledge, encouraging them to 'take ownership' of their vehicles.

With advancement comes intricacy; as the capability of our personal machinery and technology has taken off, the difficulty to repair and maintain as individuals has followed suit. The current favoured design philosophy of large scale manufacturers has seen ‘right to repair’ take a back seat in the name of profit. As this commodification of technology and machinery has become the norm, the capabilities of the population to work on their own machinery has declined with each generation. 
‘Taking Ownership’ is a campaign led jointly with the DVLA targeting young people through appealing design and intervention at MOT test centres, schools, 6th Forms and Universities across the country. 
The inspiration for this project can be divided into two areas: visual and contextual. My contextual inspiration was heavily rooted in the historic ‘make do and mend’ attitude; as I mentioned, I wanted to question why this attitude is becoming decreasingly common in our culture and encourage people to avoid becoming part of this commodification economy. This line of enquiry began when I was browsing c.1950s DIY catalogues and came across advertisements for piston rings and other engine parts; such repairs would be unlikely to be done at home in 2022.​​​​​​​

My visual inspiration stemmed from the decision to have the audience have equal input in the visual style I would employ; having tested three potential visual styles on volunteering members of the audience, we agreed a vintage Japanese-inspired style would be most effective. With this in mind, I looked at vintage printed advertisements and also other designers which were clearly influenced by this sort of media.
Mockup of the posters in their place: the MOT testing station.
Maintenance stickers are an old school way of reminding a car owner of the service interval of certain items: in this case, I designed one such sticker to assist owners in keeping up to date on engine oil changes.

Vector illustration, photoshop, copywriting, poster design/layout.

Creative Concept: Oliver Redick
Design & Art Direction: Oliver Redick