Poster for Happy
Mr. Pickering.
'After 30 years at a white collared-job, an introverted man is thrown into the isolation of retirement. This re-surfaces suppressed desires of homosexuality and he must battle this thoughts or face his iron-willed wife.'
Happy Retirement Mr. Pickering is a short film created by Keshav Shree, who approached me to design the official poster to be showcased at the film's premier at The Reading Biscuit Factory and at film festivals and showings beyond.
Film Festivals:
Shorts to the Point - Best Narrative Drama.
KASHISH Mumbai Queer International Film Festival 
Pune Short Film Festival
Atlanta ShortsFest - Nominated for best Dark Comedy.

Layout, photoshop, typography.
Creative Concept: Keshav Shree
Art Direction: Emma Beinish
Design/Layout: Oliver Redick