Collaborative Practice for
Intersectional Environmentalism
Collaborative project centred around the promotion of natural dye alternatives, working in a team consisting of BA Industrial Design and BA Ceramics students.
As designers, the consideration of the ethical and moral considerations of the work we produce is of the utmost importance. During this project, our team produced a body of work centred around fast fashion's horrendous pollution and treatment of the largely underprivileged populations their industry directly impacts, with a focus on the waste-water created by fabric dying worldwide.
Our research into this issue led us to focus our efforts on demonstrating natural dyes as alternatives which have zero adverse impact on the environment.
The paper I wrote on the subject can be accessed here.

'Dye of Natural Causes' is a campaign we created promoting the use of natural dyes for fabrics by teaching people to produce plant-derived dyes at home. We created a set of instructions for producing such dyes, as well as T-shirt designs to demonstrate the dyes' capabilities and featuring printed designs highlighting the issues caused by unnatural dyes.
Dye production/application, academic writing, interviewing, instruction design, presentation design.
Creative Concept: Oliver Redick, Sara Abdur, Ben Khan, Bo Min Kang, Can Deng
Graphic Design: Oliver Redick, Ben Khan, Bo Min Kang
T-Shirt Production: Sara Abdur