Blood, Sweat 
& Gears.
Final BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design project @ UAL Central St. Martins.
It could be argued that time is our most valuable currency. The decision people make to devote time to a subject is something I have always found fascinating; what defines an enthusiast? There is no correct answer, but there are many different ones. 'Blood, Sweat & Gears' aims to explore the concept of enthusiasm in relation to car culture using a process of documentary storytelling to engage the audience to consider the bonds we form with inanimate objects in the name of self fulfilment.​​​​​​​
This project's outcomes consist of a hand-bound paperback book and a website produced using Webflow; both of which document subjects who self-identify as car enthusiasts, with an aim to understand what defines one. The photographs and pieces of writing produced during the project narrate why individual characters choose to dedicate themselves to these objects which are incapable of loving them back, with the physical book presenting the findings of this enquiry through the cover-to-cover design and production of a publication, with an emphasis on functional visual communication and publication design.

A digital copy of the publication can be found here: Adobe Digital Publication.
The Blood, Sweat & Gears website can be found here:

Documentary storytelling, copywriting, photography, logo design, editorial design, website design, book printing, book production.

Creative Concept: Oliver Redick
Design & Art Direction: Oliver Redick
Website Logo Animation: Max Isaaman